Mobile Valve Repair Unit

The Service we provide and what makes us different and compatible to your needs is:

  • Highly Experienced and Trained Personnel
  • Wide range of capabilities and equipment
  • Accurate documentation and data Management
  • Technical support to our customers

The benefits of this container and onsite repair is:

  • Repair costs are only 5 – 35% of the procurement price of replacement valves
  • Maintaining stocks of all replacement valves ties up too much capital
  • The delivery times of replacement valves can be extremely long, which can cause serious (and therefore expensive) production problems.
  • The time taken to repair a large high-pressure valve that is welded into the system may be days, or even weeks

Repairing welded-in valves on site is much quicker than removing the insulating material from the valve; removing the valve from the pipeline system; transporting the valve to the workshop; welding an existing replacement valve into the system after preparing the pipe ends.

These are 40’ containers that can be brought to the site of your choice and can be rented for Days, Weeks and Months. The equipment that we have mounted on these containers are:

  • Water Tap Blasting and Cabinet
  • Grinding and Universal Latche Machine
  • Low and High Pressure Gas compressors, Including storage cylinders
  • Test crane and Nozzle remover
  • Grinding and Brushing Machine
  • Safety Valve and nozzle remover.
  • Accessories: Test Pressure gauges and pressure sealing plates.
  • Air Nitrogen Test up to 300 Bar (4350 psi)
  • Allowing water test up to 350 bar (5075 psi)

At Patel Trading Company, you are assured of quality service and reliability that comes in this business with the highest standards. We stand ready to assist in your requirements in servicing your valves in oil fields. We are aware of your needs and essentials, with the latest and most innovative materials, we are confident that we can support your overall objectives in a rapid response time and be able to have your focus on the core of your business and help your meet your tight schedules.