Package Substations

Over the years we have developed a reputation in the market of being quality dealers. We provide a wide range of package substations which primarily comprises of the transformer, high voltage ring main unit and low voltage feeder pillar. Depending on customers' requirements, we can provide ring main unit and feeder pillar on opposite sides or on one side of the transformer. Furthermore, if required by the customer, we can also supply appropriate housing for the substation unit. The substations are completely weather proof and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

The package substations come in the following combinations

  • Transformers with LV distribution board.
  • Transformers with HV ring-main unit (S F6 / Oil Type).
  • Transformers with LV distribution boards and HV ring-main units. ( S F6 / Oil Type)
  • On special requests , the HV side can also include a metering unit if required.
  • As an option , a disconnecting chamber can be offered for easy access.

Standard ratings of the transformers

500, 1000, 1500 KVA. Other ratings and combinations are available on request. The package substations can be supplied with or without housing. These package units result in substantial reductions in initial costs , space requirements and eliminate certain potential sources of problems.

Product Specifications

System Voltage Up to 17kV
Transformer Rating To be specified by the customer (From 250kVA to 1600 kVA)
LV Feeder Pillar To be specified by the customer
HV Ring Main Unit Oil Type / SF6 with Fuses / SF6 with Circuit Breaker
Type of Cooling ONAN
Specifications Products conform to DEWA / ADWEA / SEWA / KAHARMA - QATAR specifications
International Standards IEC 61330 / IEC 60076 / BS 171 / NEN 2761 / ANSI C57 Series / IEC 60439 / BS 5486

Package Substations