Station Battery & Chargers

Expanding our range and try to make out trading company useful in other sections we also deal with different types of station batteries, battery charger and also other such products.

Batteries Products:


  • Valve regulated Lead Acid
  • Flat plate
  • Plante
  • Tubular Plate


  • Ultra Low maintenance
  • Pocket-Plate
  • Low-Medium-High rate
  • Fibre Plate

Battery Chargers

  • UPS
  • Batteries-Supply
  • Emergency lighting

Following are few of the similar products that we deal in:

  • LP chargers and distribution panels
  • Single and duplex charging systems
    • Central Battery System
    • Switch Board Tripping & Closing System

  • Inverters
  • DC-DC converters
  • Frequency converters
  • UPS
  • Pb + Nicad batteries

We have a full range of products available for both single and three phase applications from a simple 100VA unit to a fully customised 2.4MVA system with autonomy to suit your requirements. PB Design provide a complete range of standby power solutions Thyristor chargers, Switchmode chargers, emergency lighting systems UPS, associated batteries of all types and enclosure systems.

Station Battery & Chargers