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Our Heritage

Patel Trading Company is the grandfather organisation of a significant group of companies in the electrical product and equipment sector with global manufacturing and trading facilities across GCC, Europe and Africa. PTC was initially founded in 1969 and later began representing IEO Transformatoren BV, a renowned Dutch transformer manufacturer. The representation arrangement grew and developed into a strong and successful relationship which eventually evolved into the Emirates Transformer & Switchgear company being created manufacturing IEO liquid distribution transformers under licence in Dubai. Ultimately, this led to the full acquisition of IEO Transformatoren BV in 1984 by the Patel family.

With over 50 years of distinguished service experience, the company has justifiably gained a reputation of being the premier supplier of choice for distribution, power transformers, and other electrical distribution equipment by offering world-class products, quality, and service. We constantly strive to provide the highest level of customer service excellence, excellence is the key parameter that we continually measure all our activities and endeavours. We are supported by numerous and significant global electrical OEMs’s ensuring that our supply chain remains agile through a change management culture to deliver flexibility and solutions to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Over the last 50 years, the company has become the supplier of choice to significant and major electrical/water utilities and industrial end-users in the region from earning the reputation as a trustworthy supply partner delivering excellent product reliability and service performance from products and exceeding the market’s expectations.
Our sole objective is in delivering network resilience and reliability to serve our clients and maintain energy supplies to the wider communities.

Today, those initial steps taken 50 years ago by our founder have grown and flourished into a significant group of twelve manufacturing and trading companies located in the GCC, Europe, and Africa, all supported by eight modern ‘world standard’ manufacturing facilities.


  • Emirates Transformer & Switchgear
  • IEO Transformatoren BV L.L.C
  • HS Switchgear Trading Co
  • HS Energy
  • Pan Africa Transformers & Switchgears Ltd
  • Energo Transformer & Switchgear PLC
  • Skipper ETS Electric Ltd
  • Emirates Technical Services


  • Patel Trading Company Middle East LLC
  • Nasser & Saif Trading Co L.L.C
  • Abdulla Al Madani Trading Co
  • Techno LED (USA)

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Core Principles & DNA

Late founder’s Message

“As an independent company, we’re dedicating our people, technology, financial resources & manufacturing expertise to add value to our customers. We want to build a diversified business that provides exceptional service and superior value to our stakeholders, by becoming a leading Trading Company in every market we serve.“

P.D Patel

“Being a pioneer in this industry, we have established a strong foothold and have become one of the leading transformer and switchgear companies in the UAE. Our manufacturing expertise and technical capabilities, have helped us in adding invaluable benefits for our customers. The company has stayed committed to strong and sustainable growth as well as diversifying the business over the years, thus offering the utmost satisfaction for all our stakeholders“.

Rohit PD Patel

Delivering Network Resilience and Reliability

The ETS Group
Emirates Transformer & Switchgear
IEO Transformers
HS Switchgear
ETS Energo
Abdulla Al Madani Trading CO WLL
Nasser & Saif Trading CO LLC
HS Energy Solutions
Skipper Electric
Techno LED